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bundaberg chess club

News Flash - Bundaberg is hosting the Queensland Open this July.  Details and the current flyer are available on Chesschat.

Happy New Year.  Just to let you know that as of the 18th we are back.  Join us next Wednesday and resume chess across the board.  Same time same place as last year.

End of year greetings

With the completion of the Bundaberg Chess Festival it is time to reflect on the year.

The Bundaberg Open was won by Brodie McClymont with a picket fence of 6/6; a feat he repeated in the Bundaberg Classic. The full standings for both are already on Chesschat. It is always our pleasure to showcase Bundaberg, especially in November when Mon Repos has turtle nesting to see.

Our Junior Grand Prix was won by Shaurya Jain, who was rarely bested over the year. He was chased, valiantly, by his brother Nirvaan and Callum Macann.

Our schools championship was won by Bundaberg State High School in the senior category and Avoca in the primary category.

The club rapid tournament was won by Kevin Casey with 5.5/6.

We will be having a break from 14th December to 11th January. So to all, I wish you a Merry Xmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Bundaberg Classic Weekender 2022

The Bundaberg Classic weekend tournament, a CAQ approved event, kicks off on Saturday.  It would not take place without our sponsors - Bundaberg Commercial; AMS Computer Services; Ross Gray Motors; The Spanish Motor Inn; Shorten, Parcell McGregor and Stephen Bennett MP. Upset prizes have been supplied by Marquis Macadamias.

Equally important is our educational prelude, the Masterclass.  This year with the sponsorship of RACQ we have the services of Dusan Stojic, the current Queensland champion, an accomplished chess coach to address local school children and to play a simul against them.

Thanks also go to St Luke's Anglican School for allowing us to use their excellent venue.

Bundaberg Schools Event 18th October 2022

The results from the schools' event at Avoca are as follows:

Secondary Teams

1st BSHS 1 18 - Shaurya Jain, Riley Newbold, Ewan Kenway, Swarith Chand.

2nd St Luke's 1 16 - Marko Puusaari, Nelson Brown, Min Sussens, Haiden Campbell.

3rd Shalom Black 15 - Callum Macann, Rusian Ruzmatov, Kahn Ashmore, Jacob Werchon.

Primary Teams

1st Avoca 1 20 - Nirvaan Jain, Isaac Parker, Ashton Ogle, Lakitha Somirathne

2nd Norville 1 18.5 - Scott Rosenberger, Mason Coates, Kaelan Raju, Connor Doherty

3rd St Luke's 1 18.5 - Elieahn Bradshaw, Andrew Challen, Harrison Dart, Lucas Nejman

Individual Winners


1st Shaurya Jain 6/6 

2nd Riley Newbold 5/6 - 2nd on tie break

3rd Callum Macann 5/6 -3rd on tie break

Also in the group on 5/6 were Marko Puusaari, Jacob Werchon and Myles Beames.


1st Nirvann Jain 6/6

2nd Scott Rosenberger 5/6 - 2nd on tie break

3rd Harrison Dart 5/6 - 3rd on tie break

Again, in the 5/6 group - Kaelan Raju, Ashton Ogle, Isaac Parker and Andrew Challen.

Well done to all participants.

Bundaberg Classic

We are pleased to announce that the forthcoming Bundaberg Classic to be held on 20th and 21st November has instituted a series of prizes for seniors in both the over 50 and over 70 age groups.  This has been made possible by a generous sponsorship from Bundaberg Commercial.

The regulations for the tournament have been published on Chesschat and the revised entry forms will be available on the CAQ website.

The Bundaberg Open has been a great success.  It would not have happened but for the sponsorship of Des Allen & Co, Tom Smith MP, Bunnings and, of course, the CAQ.

The final crosstable is as follows

Bundaberg Open 2022

Cross Table at round 6 sorted by score

Pos NAME Rtg T Fed Pts | 1 2 3 4 5 6 | Buc1 BucM DirE


1 McClymont,Brodie 2460 IM QLD 5.5 | +B22 +W6 +B4 =W2 +B3 +W10 | 21.5 16.0 0.0

2 Thing,Bibek 2269 CM NEP 5.5 | +W12 +B10 +W11 =B1 +W5 +B4 | 20.5 15.0 0.0

3 Tang,Terrence 1544 QLD 4.5 | +W19 +B13 +W5 =B7 -W1 +B11 | 20.5 15.0 0.0

4 Casey,Kevin 1764 QLD 4.0 | +W18 +B20 -W1 +B15 +W7 -W2 | 21.0 15.5 0.0

5 Hamal,Manish 2107 FM NEP 4.0 | +B9 +W15 -B3 +W21 -B2 +W17 | 20.0 14.5 0.0

6 Jain,Shaurya 1328 QLD 4.0 | +W24 -B1 +W18 +B14 =W11 =B8 | 19.0 13.5 0.0

7 Weller,Tony 1435 QLD 4.0 | +W29 +B14 =BYE =W3 -B4 +W20 | 18.0 13.5 0.0

8 McCorkell,Joshua 1594 QLD 4.0 | +B25 =W21 =B10 =BYE +W12 =W6 | 17.0 13.0 0.0

9 Mouzovatkine,Roman 1136 QLD 4.0 | -W5 +B27 -W14 +B24 +W19 +B16 | 15.5 11.5 0.0

10 Hamawand,Allan 1338 QLD 3.5 | +B30 -W2 =W8 +B22 +W15 -B1 | 20.5 15.0 0.0

11 Solomon,Anthony 1506 QLD 3.5 | +B16 +W17 -B2 +W25 =B6 -W3 | 20.0 14.5 0.0

12 Bender,Peter G 1157 QLD 3.5 | -B2 +W30 =B17 +W20 -B8 +W21 | 17.5 12.0 0.0

13 Macleod,Keith 1252 QLD 3.5 | +B31 -W3 -B25 +W29 =W14 +B23 | 13.5 9.0 0.0

14 Healey,Liam 0 Aus 3.0 | +W23 -W7 +B9 -W6 =B13 =B18 | 18.5 14.5 0.0

15 Curtain,Joseph 1289 QLD 3.0 | +W27 -B5 +W19 -W4 -B10 +B26 | 16.5 12.5 0.0

16 Howard,Joshua 897 QLD 3.0 | -W11 +B26 =BYE +B23 =BYE -W9 | 16.5 12.5 0.0

17 Esmonde,David 1174 QLD 3.0 | +W26 -B11 =W12 =BYE +B25 -B5 | 16.0 12.0 0.0

18 Qiang,Elaina 1123 QLD 3.0 | -B4 +W32 -B6 +W28 =B21 =W14 | 15.5 11.5 0.0

19 Macann,Callum 968 Aus 3.0 | -B3 +W31 -B15 +W26 -B9 +W25 | 15.5 11.0 0.0

20 Stokes,Mark C 1300 QLD 2.5 | +B32 -W4 =BYE -B12 +W22 -B7 | 17.0 13.0 0.0

21 Joseph,Siju 1270 QLD 2.5 | +W28 =B8 =W23 -B5 =W18 -B12 | 17.0 13.0 0.0

22 Willemse,Louis 1174 QLD 2.5 | -W1 +B24 =BYE -W10 -B20 +B29 | 17.0 11.5 0.0

23 Ottschoffski,Eddie 1271 QLD 2.5 | -B14 +W29 =B21 -W16 +B28 -W13 | 14.0 10.5 0.0

24 Qiang,Ethen 603 QLD 2.5 | -B6 -W22 +B31 -W9 =B29 +W30 | 13.0 9.0 0.0

25 Mulholland,Philip 1118 QLD 2.0 | -W8 +B28 +W13 -B11 -W17 -B19 | 17.0 13.0 0.0

26 Vizgoft,Jason 0 AUS 2.0 | -B17 -W16 +B32 -B19 +W27 -W15 | 14.0 11.0 0.0

27 Dudipalli,Hamsini 370 QLD 2.0 | -B15 -W9 -B29 +W30 -B26 +W31 | 11.5 7.5 0.0

28 Horsfield,Lachlan 0 Aus 2.0 | -B21 -W25 +B30 -B18 -W23 +W32 | 11.0 8.0 0.0

29 Newbold,Riley 765 QLD 1.5 | -B7 -B23 +W27 -B13 =W24 -W22 | 15.0 11.0 0.0

30 Beames,Myles 633 Aus 1.0 | -W10 -B12 -W28 -B27 +W31 -B24 | 13.5 10.0 0.0

31 Huber,Zaschella 0 Aus 1.0 | -W13 -B19 -W24 +W32 -B30 -B27 | 12.0 8.5 0.0

32 Carroll,Nash 510 AUS 0.5 | -W20 -B18 -W26 -B31 =BYE -B28 | 10.5 7.5 0.0

Generated by Vega -

(copy licensed to: Bundaberg Chess Club - AUS)

Brodie has held on to the trophy on tie break from Bibek Thing

Group A prizes went to Shauyra Jain, Tony Weller and Joshua McCorkell.

Group B was won by Roman Mouzovatkine and Group C was shared by Joshua Howard, Callum Macann and Liam Healey.

I would like to thank David Esmonde for putting the games out live on LiveChess.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on the 3rd September for the start of our Open Weekender.  Please remember that you will be charged an extra $10 if you choose to pay on the day.  This is to make registration run smoother.

We already have 2 IM's and a top overseas player registered

Our first Open Weekender tournament of the year starts on 3rd September.  Entry forms are available on the CAQ website as well as Chesschat.

In other news at the Gardiner Chess Interschools the Primary age group was won by Nirvaan Jain on 7/7 and the winning school was Avoca.  The Senior school winners were Shaurya Jain with 7/7, yes they are brothers; and the school team was Bundaberg High School Gold.

Shaurya has also picket fenced (6/6) the club's Junior Grand Prix two days earlier ahead of Riley Newbold 5/6 with a tie for 3rd b3tween Callum Macaan and Nirvaan.


July 2022

After a long gap it is nice to be back at the keyboard.  The club is still up and running,  Those wishing to renew their club membership should come and visit us at the U3A  building , 80A Woongarra St, Bundaberg.  We still meet at 6pm on Wednesdays.  Unfortunately the Bargara branch is seeking a new venue.

The club will be holding two weekenders this year; the first, the Open, is on 3rd and 4th September.  Details are available on the CAQ website.  The second, the Classic, will be held on 19th and 20th November.  Our schools Masterclass will be the prelude for the Classic this year.  The Open will be preceded by a seminar for tournament organisers conducted by Dave Esmonde; final details will be announced when we see the demand.

In other news Term 3 of the Gardiner Chess Intrastate competition will be held on August 2 at Bundaberg State High.  Visit the Gardiner Chess website for details.

Our own Children's Grand Prix continues Sunday 31st at the club venue from 0845.

We look forward to seeing you at one or more of these events.

Martin Carter

Club President

As we go into Spring, the club has just held its championship. With two visitors from Redcliffe, that made it the first post-COVID weekender.

In first place and, therefore, club champion was Ranga Mashamhanda. He scored 5.5/6. He was denied a clean sweep by Mark Stokes (CAQ President) who finished second on 4.5.

Our top junior was Adam Richardt

14th August. Junior chess is alive and well in Bundaberg. Wide Bay North Round 3 of the Gardiner Chess IntraState competition took place this week and the results were as follows.

In the seniors there was a tie between Bundy High Gold and Shalom Black; with Patrick Maher pipping Reece Buckholz by 0.5 for first place in the individual.

In the primary St Luke's 1 came out clear winners. They also took the first two individual placings with two regulars of our Sunday competition, Samuel Schmidt and Min Sussens taking the first two places.

July 17th: We have now been back a month and are ready to host our club tournament. It will be held over the weekend of 29th and 30th August over six rounds from 0930, 1230 and 1530 each day. Time controls will be 60min with 20sec Fisher increments. Numbers will be limited by the prevailing COVID-19 requirements. Entry fees will be $20 Adults and $10 for juniors. CAQ membership will allow ACF rating of this tournament. DOP will be an NA. Prize money will be finalised when numbers are known.

It is still possible that an Open tournament will be run on 21st and 22nd November, but that is in the lap of the gods.

The AGM will be held at the club rooms from 6pm on September 30th

With the lifting of restrictions, Bundaberg Chess Club will reopen on 17th June at our Woongarra St rooms from 6pm. COVID 19 precautions will be in place

Unfortunately due to the constraints of COVID-19, the Bundaberg Chess Club will not be holding any meetings until further notice. This is in line with CAQ policy. On line game sites can be found on or We can recommend Chesskids for juniors hope to see you all in the near future.

Bundaberg Chess Club Newsletter #106

Walkervale State School hosted the WideBay North Term 1 round of the Queensland Schools competition. In the High School competition Shalom won with 21.5. closely followed by Bundaberg State High on 20. St Luke's Anglican College.were third on 16.5.

In the Primary competition St Luke's came out on top with Norville State School filling second and third; these two teams were split by only 0.5.

The Individual Senior was won by Joshua Howard with a perfect 7/7. He was followed by Patrick Maher and Nicholas Whitelum, both on 6.

The Primary was tight as well, the top three all on 6/7. The countback gave the victory to Scott Rosenberger, with Ewan Kenway and Joshua Lee in the minor placings.

Out thanks to Gardiner Chess for their continued sponsorship of this competition.

Bundaberg Chess Club Newsletter #104

Sunday Children's Grand Prix

This, the first of 2020, was a keenly contested encounter. There were fifteen entrants including four from Maryborough and one from Gladstone.

Maryborough triumphed with a perfect score for Sarah Knight of 6/6, including a last round defeat of her brother Joel who finished second with 5/6.

Third equal on 4/6 were Lucas, Jaden and Ewan.

Callum and Lalit were adjudged by John Harris to have had the most interesting game.

Round 2 will be on March 29th.

Committee Meeting

The next executive committee meeting will be held on March 11th from 6pm. Any member wishing to bring up a topic for discussion should notify the Secretary. Normal social chess will still be played by non-committee members.

Bundaberg Chess Club Newsletter #102

Move It Expo - Sport, Health and Fitness.

Bundaberg Regional Council is hosting this event at the Multiplex on Sunday 16th from 10 am. As chess is good for your mental fitness we will again have a stall showcasing the club manned by volunteers. This year we will be showing our latest acquisition by screening a live chess game (or two) in the auditorium.

CAQ events

The Queensland Reserves and Tin Cup will be held next weekend at the Hinterland Hotel in Nerang. More details on the CAQ website.

Bundaberg players will be represented and their fortunes will appear in the newsletter.

Club night

A lightning tournament was held on 12/02/20. The result was a win for Keith closely followed by John and Phil.

It was farewell to Indruh who is leaving us for University in Brisbane. We wish him luck in his studies and a furtherance of his chess career down there.

Bundaberg Chess Club Newsletter #101

Sunday Children's Tournaments

These popular children's tournaments are held at the club rooms (80a Woongarra St) on the last Sunday of the month. The first of the year will be held on 23rd Feb. It is a 6 round Swiss tournament with tips and teaching between rounds 2 and 3. For more information ring John or Elizabeth on 41520311

CAQ events

The next CAQ approved weekender will be the Queensland Reserves and Tin Cup to be held at the Hinterland Hotel in Nerang 0n the weekend of 22/23 February. Please see the CAQ website for more details.

This will be followed by the Darling Down Open on 21/22 march; again details are available on the CAQ website

Club news

A Lightning tournament was held on Wednesday 5th. It was won by Andre with Martin runner-up.

Club Newsletter #100

Junior Chess

The Australian Junior Championships (Southport) which have just concluded were contested by 362 players. In the Open divisions Victorian and NSW players took out the U18 and U16 divisions. The remaining divisions U14, U12, U10 and U8 were all won by Queenslanders. Our state has some very promising juniors coming through the ranks.

Our local juniors have the start of our local Grand Prix on 23rd February at the club rooms, 80a Woongarra Street, commencing at 9am. This will be followed by the first round of the Intrastate Schools to be held at Walkervale State School on 11th March.

The schools' chess coaching program will be finalised shortly.

Queensland chess competition will start again for the year with the Queensland Reserves and Tin Cup (an under AF 1750 tournament) details on the CAQ website.

Club meeting have commenced at the club rooms and will be resumed at Bargara from 5th February at the slightly later time of 7pm. All levels of play are welcome and catered for.


Mobile              Phil on 0428367662

Bargara             Iain on 0402020488

Post                                 PO Box 2906, Bundaberg, Q 4670

Email                               [email protected]

It's all happening!

Regards, Phil Mulholland, VP/Secretary